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Property Valuation in Putney | Improvement Work That Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

Are you moving the pieces into place to sell your property in Putney soon? If yes, the estate agents at Trust Milo can provide a realistic property valuation to help get your flat or house listing noticed. To create an optimal value, however, your home must look its best. When it comes to improving a property you’re going to sell, it’s not always easy to know what represents the most sensible investments.

In this blog, we look at some of the proven improvements that increase resale value without breaking the bank. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but more of a starting point for your own inspiration. Some are simple projects that will improve your home’s looks, while others will need more skill and effort.

By using the ideas below as a platform, you can figure out what will and won’t work when it comes to increasing your own property valuation. To schedule a meeting with one of our estate agents, please contact us.

1. Make a Good First Impression –
If your Putney home has a front garden, it’s the first thing a visitor will see. Mow the grass for a neat and tidy look before our estate agents or any prospective buyers visit. Likewise, ensure external brickwork looks presentable.A bad first impression before even entering your home can effect how people see the inside. In turn, this can impact on any subsequent property valuation.

2. Assess the Condition of Flooring – In many cases, the difference between people seeing your home in Putney as old fashioned or modern comes down to the flooring. Do you have carpets? Do they show clear signs of wear? Has the colour faded? Or if it’s patterned, does it blend in with the wider design scheme?A professional carpet cleaner can help to revitalise old materials, but a complete replacement works best when it comes to property valuations.

3. Focus on Quick Facelifts – Complete overhauls inside your Putney home may come at too high a cost with a future move on the cards. But small changes can improve interior appearances. If you can’t replace internal doors, try installing statement doorknobs.

Also consider a fresh coat of paint, especially in rooms that have seen better days. The difference between well-worn and fresh walls will always help with your property valuation.

4. Get to Work in Your Bathroom – Of course, everyone’s idea of what makes the perfect bathroom differs. Most people agree, however, that a great bathroom is one you can wake up and unwind in. In almost every case, this requires a clean space.

Small solutions for your Putney home could include a new toilet seat, new taps and whitening the grouting around your tiles.

5. Consider Two Sinks – Do you have a larger-than-average bathroom? If yes, adding a second sink drastically improves the appeal of your Putney property. A desirable home will always have a more lucrative property valuation.

Whether you’re a group of housemates, a young couple or a family of five, getting ready in the mornings can become a real struggle. With two sinks, life suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.

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