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Property Valuation in Hammersmith | How to Prepare for a Pre-Sale Appraisal

Are you planning to put your house on the market? If so, one of the first things you probably want to know is how much it could sell for. While you could hire an independent professional to come to your home and estimate how much it is worth, did you know that most estate agents offer a free valuation? This saves you from having to pay out for a pre-sale appraisal. Many customers find this far more appealing.

However, there are many factors to consider when looking at getting a property valuation for your home in the Hammersmith area.

On this blog page, we look at some common traps to avoid, so that you can get the most out of your appraisal. We also offer some advice on what to do to prepare your home for a valuation.

1. Do Some Research – Before you ask any agency to carry out a valuation at your Hammersmith home, it is worth putting in some research time. Use online resources to look at the sale prices of similar properties in your local area, especially ones that sold recently. This will give you a decent indicator of how much your property could sell for.

2. Shop Around – Although many agents offer a free pre-sale appraisal, some may deliberately over-value your property. This is a technique that some agencies use in order to persuade you to choose them to handle the sale of your Hammersmith home. We recommend you do some research, and get several property valuations by different agencies, before you choose who to go with. This will make it easier to tell who is over-valuing your property.At Trust Milo Ltd, we base our estimates on the local market, along with a number of other determining factors. We can always justify our valuation.

3. Keep Things Neat and Tidy – Whether inside or out, the condition of your property can considerably affect its valuation. Clearing away clutter and cleaning the interior enables your valuer to get a feel for the full extent of your home in Hammersmith. This provides them with the best impression of how much your property could sell for.

Likewise, good garden maintenance helps to add to this overall impression and the general kerb appeal of your property. If you have the time and money for it, we recommend you also undertake any necessary repair work in advance of a property valuation.

4. Be Informative – While you may think you should leave your Hammersmith house to do the talking, don’t be afraid to tell the valuer if you have carried out any work to improve the property since you first bought it. One of the things that valuers look at is the historical price that you paid for the property. Informing them of significant improvements will help them to come up with a more accurate and up-to-date estimate.

5. Ask for Justification – Every estate agent charges different amounts for their services, even if they do a similar job. Once your agent has performed a property valuation, feel free to ask exactly what they plan to do to market your home and how they will increase your property’s exposure to prospective buyers. You can even request a written explanation, which details the selling costs.

Furthermore, if the valuation seems higher or lower than you anticipated, ask for any comparable data they have to justify their estimate.

If you are looking to sell your property in the Hammersmith area, call us on 0203 105 9397 for a free, professional property valuation.