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Property Valuation in Barnes | Price Your Home Accurately for a Quicker Sale

The process of selling your house or flat is a challenging one with many elements to consider. Whichever type of home you currently own in Barnes, however, you must ensure it has an accurate property valuation. In short, you want to attract attention to your home to start moving the sale along. If you fail to price your property accurately, you won’t draw many prospective buyers to your listing. When this happens, selling your home becomes a more complicated process.

Naturally, a lower valuation will generate a lot of interest, but could result in you losing money. This can limit options for your next move. However, if a short selling time is more important than an optimal sale price, a low property valuation represents an effective strategy.

In most cases, sellers place more importance on the sale price, not the speed of the sale. No matter how stylish your home or attractive its location in the Barnes area, a high asking price simply won’t engage people looking to make a move.

In this blog, we look at why you need to find the perfect property valuation before putting your home on the market.

Price-based Searches

Before you put a price on your Barnes property, it’s important to recognise that most potential home buyers carry out online searches. As such, they can filter out any options that don’t fall within their set price range. Quite simply, if your home has an unrealistic value, people won’t see it.

To complete a sale, your estate agents need to showcase your home to as many buyers as possible. Limiting the number of interested parties gets your selling process off on the wrong foot.

What’s more, aspects like marketing and promotion of the property are the perfect supplement to an accurate property valuation. This includes finding an agent who invests the required funds into superior photography, ensuring your home goes on display in an attractive condition.

Find Customer-focused Estate Agents

For the most realistic property valuation, you need estate agents who understand the Barnes housing market. At Trust Milo, we have a specialist team for the area, giving us unmatched hyper local market knowledge. We have a complete overview of property types, accepted offers and realistic asking prices.

As such, when it comes to valuing your own home, we give informed advice based on the latest figures and precedents.

There are many opinions on the current state of the property market. However, one thing always remains true: buyers look for great value. With a realistic property valuation for your Barnes-based flat or house, you can ensure the buyer feels like they pay a fair price while maximising your own return.

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