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Houses for Sale in Putney | The Paperwork You Need When Selling a Home

Selling a home is a hugely important process involving large sums of money. It’s no surprise, then, that it involves a significant amount of paperwork. When it comes to houses for sale in Putney and South West London, the estate agents at Trust Milo have significant experience. We can guide you through your own selling journey, giving you advice based on the latest requirements and guidelines.

A certain amount of the paperwork you need will date back to when you bought your current property. While we can’t change your habits from that time, we always advise keeping these vital documents in a secure place.

In this blog, we provide tips for collecting your paperwork as well as the most common types of documents needed. Of course, no two houses for sale are the same, so our Putney-based estate agents offer bespoke advice based on your requirements during your own service.

Collect Paperwork in Advance

To minimise stress and disruption, we strongly advise arranging your documents as early as possible. Likewise, if you can’t find important paperwork, raise this issue sooner rather than later. Dealing with problems immediately allows for quicker resolutions. When it comes to houses for sale, an array of problems can arise at any time. It’s always advisable to stay ahead of the aspects you can control.

If you purchased your Putney home relatively recently, you should have received an EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate. If this certificate was handed to you within the last 10 years and you haven’t carried out any large-scale development work that would alter the rating, it’s likely fine for you to reuse it.

If you don’t have a valid EPC, you must commission one. However, houses for sale in conservation areas might not require one. You can check your property’s status on the online EPC register.

The Documents You Will Need

If you are planning to sell your Putney home, we advise collecting the following paperwork:

• Evidence of gas checks
• Certificates for windows, if applicable
• Certification for your home’s electrical work
• HM Land Registry documentation with title details
• Planning permission for future development, if applicable

Houses for sale have differing histories and conditions. As such, you may require other documents relating to work you have carried out to resolve problems over the years. We strongly advise having the relevant paperwork to hand if anything suggests your property has had rectification work.

If you are 100% certain that you will sell your Putney property, we also advise having your papers reviewed by a legal professional. While many people wait until they have a likely buyer, being prepared offers more peace of mind and less stress.

Taking specific steps long in advance helps to speed the sales process up. This saves you time and effort later on , allowing you to focus on other aspects associated with houses for sale.

To discuss any queries you have about selling your home in and around Putney, please contact us.

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