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Flats to Rent in Hammersmith | What Certificates Do Landlords Have to Provide?

As with many aspects of the housing market, when it comes to letting a property, there is a fair amount of red tape involved. Although this may seem like a nuisance to many, the purpose of acquiring the correct paperwork and certificates is to actually protect both the tenant and the landlord. While some certificates guarantee the safety of a property, other forms of documentation focus solely on protecting a tenant’s money.

If you are a landlord with flats to rent in the Hammersmith area, you are probably aware of the mountain of paperwork to complete and certificates you need to obtain before a tenancy can begin.

On this blog page, we look at some of the most important forms of documentation you need, in order to rent out your property.

Deposit Paperwork

When a tenancy commences, your tenant provides you with a deposit. As a landlord in Hammersmith, you are responsible for protecting this money in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme (TDP). After you have received their deposit, you must provide the tenant with the following within the next 30 days, in writing:

This applies to landlords with flats to rent in Hammersmith, or anywhere within England and Wales.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Not only are cold and draughty properties unpleasant for tenants, but they also drain the country’s energy consumption. The EPC acts to review and grade the energy performance of a property and, due to the importance of keeping carbon emissions low, it is one of the rental market’s most enforced certificates.

In fact, if you are a landlord with flats to rent, failing to obtain a valid EPC in advance of putting your Hammersmith property on the market can result in a fine of up to £5,000.

Fire Safety Checks

While this isn’t a form of certificate, fire safety is an essential obligation. For example, you must fit a smoke alarm on each storey of the property, as well as a carbon monoxide alarm in rooms with a heating appliance that burns solid fuel. In addition, landlords must provide fire extinguishers in houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs).

The government’s Fire Safety Order (FSO) sets out the regulations you must follow when undertaking a fire safety assessment at your property. However, you could also hire a private organisation with a licence to perform these checks for you.

Electrical Certificates

As a landlord with flats to rent, it is your responsibility to ensure that any electrical equipment in your Hammersmith property undergoes annual testing by registered professionals. This reduces the risk of tenant injuries and electrical fire damage. When it comes to HMOs, you must arrange for an electrical safety inspection at least every 5 years.

Gas Safety Report

It is your legal duty to arrange for an annual gas safety inspection by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You must then give a copy of this certificate to your tenants.

If you are a landlord with flats to rent in Hammersmith, call 0203 105 9397 for more information on the paperwork and certificates you need.