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Estate Agents in Wandsworth | How to Pack Valuable Items When Moving Home

When moving to a new property, there are countless removal firms to choose from to take the weight off your shoulders. However, some of our clients prefer to simply hire a van and deal with the removals process themselves. Others may still hire outside help, but prefer to pack valuable items themselves, to ensure that they are as safe and secure as possible. Some removal companies may even charge less if you pack up all the boxes yourself in advance.

Whatever the situation, our estate agents understand that our Wandsworth customers want to guarantee that their items of significant financial or sentimental value will make it to their new property in the best possible condition.

That is why this blog page offers some advice on how best to handle valuable items during a move.

Some of the key considerations include:

How Much Are Items Worth?

If you own several belongings which you believe to be particularly valuable, our estate agents suggest you seek appraisal from an expert. This will help you to determine which items to prioritise or take the most care with. It will also be useful for your insurance, if the worst should happen and something breaks during the move.

Use the Right Packaging

When moving home in Wandsworth, you want to make sure all your possessions are safe and secure. While you can simply pack your DVDs and CDs into cardboard boxes, you need to take greater care with valuable items. Make sure your packing materials will protect and cushion fragile pieces, such as glass, and stop them from shifting around during transport.

If you have any concerns about this, a removals firm will usually take care of this themselves or provide you with the appropriate materials and advice, if you are packing things up yourself.  

Wrap Things Properly

If you have a collection of antique plates, for example, don’t just pile them on top of one another and wrap the stack. Even minor bumps in the road on the way to your new Wandsworth home may cause the plates to crack. Instead, our estate agents advise you to wrap them individually with paper or bubble wrap. That way, even if you stack them, they should remain intact.  

The same goes for glass items.

However, we suggest you also fill the box with cushioning materials, like foam packing peanuts. This stops glasses and vases from rolling or falling during transit.

Don’t Forget About Frames

A frame may keep your pictures or artwork safe when it’s on your wall or mantelpiece, but it will need some extra protection when moving to your new Wandsworth property. You can buy specific boxes that protect frames during transport. This will reduce the risk of movement and stress causing frames to crack or break, potentially damaging your artwork.

Catalogue Everything

Our estate agents have helped so many clients in Wandsworth to move home that it’s hard to keep count. We therefore understand how easy it is to misplace possessions during a move, or to lose track of them. To avoid valuables like jewellery from being lost or stolen, make sure you label your boxes and keep a comprehensive list of what’s in each box. Not only does this ensure that nothing disappears during transit, but it will also help you find what you’re looking for when you’re unpacking.

If our estate agents have helped you find a new home in Wandsworth, call us on 0203 105 9397 for more advice on how to safeguard valuable items during the move.