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Estate Agents in Putney | Why Transparency is Important in Our Industry

Not everyone holds estate agents in the highest regard. While there are always personal experiences that hold value, other opinions rely on falsehoods and misconceptions. In reality, the estate agency industry is heavily regulated and operates under strict laws and guidelines.

Whether in Putney or any other location, buying or selling a home is a huge undertaking. It’s a deal that involves significant sums of money. Any reputable estate agents, like those at Trust Milo, take every step necessary to remove doubt and uncertainty in this process. This ensures you remain comfortable and confident from start to finish.

In this blog, we examine why transparency is so important to the estate agency industry.

Transparency Makes Consumers Feel Safe

Consumers demand transparency from every other professional, so the same should apply to estate agents. For customer-focused companies in Putney, South West London and across the UK, this factor highlights the importance of a transparent approach to business.

Thankfully, regulatory bodies and professionals in our industry recognise this. Over recent years, we have seen many steps implemented to provide greater consumer confidence.

One such change is estate agents having to display their fees inclusive of VAT. What’s more, agents must also state costs incurred by tenants when they apply to let a rental property. This even extends to property lawyers. From December 2018, these professionals have had to declare their full prices clearly.

With the introduction of the Tenant Fees Act in 2019, there is a new focus on prices and fees, as well as what services agents provide for the money charged. As you go about buying or selling in Putney, you can rest assured that you have more support and transparent options than ever before.

Transparency is Good for Business

Social media and internet platforms have a mixed reputation, but they provide an invaluable resource for researching various professionals, including estate agents. In short, companies with dishonest or incompetent approaches to work have nowhere to hide.

While a business can explain away the odd bad review here or there, an entire body of negative feedback shows just how many unhappy clients they have. Of course, you should always avoid such companies in Putney and the neighbouring areas.

The opposite applies to estate agents with a catalogue of positive reviews. If the feedback universally praises their service, customer care and transparency, you can choose them in complete confidence.

Like any reputable agents, Trust Milo values our local reputation in and around Putney. This is why we put your satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. We operate transparently to ensure you have all the information you need, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, the more assured you feel during the process of buying or selling a property, the smoother and less stressful the path to completion. As a result, all parties can focus more energy on achieving the best results possible.

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