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Estate Agents in Fulham | The Most Effective Ways to Insulate Your Property

Did you know that, without proper insulation, a home loses roughly one-third of its heat through the walls and up to one-quarter through the roof? While new-build properties must comply with the current Building Regulations regarding insulation, older homes do not have to meet these minimum energy efficiency standards. However, if you are looking to sell your home or you are thinking of buying to let, then making sure that your property is as energy efficient as possible is essential.

As professional letting and estate agents working in the Fulham area, we recognise the importance of proper insulation. Not only does it help to make a property more saleable, but it also improves heat retention. This results in lower utility bills, saving you or your tenants money in the long term.

Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord, in this blog we recommend the following three key areas to focus on, when upgrading your insulation:


In most instances, properties in Fulham and across the UK do not require roof insulation. However, if you have recently undertaken a loft conversion, or you are planning to turn an underused attic space into a useable living area, then you will have to insulate the roof. As this is quite a complicated task, our estate agents recommend you hire a professional roofing contractor or builder to fit the insulation on your behalf.

This ensures that the results are in keeping with the current Building Regulations.


Upgrading your current loft insulation to match the recent minimum standards is a great way to keep your house in Fulham warm. If you decide to insulate between the joists of your attic, your loft might not be as warm as the rest of the house. This may increase the risk of water tanks and pipework freezing in your loft. To avoid this issue, our estate agents suggest you insulate those as well.

The three main types of insulating material you could use include:

• Mineral Wool Insulation – While many older properties in and around Fulham may have fibreglass insulation, mineral wool is a superior product. Not only does it have a higher R-value, but it also contains up to 70% recycled material. With fibreglass containing only 20-30% recycled material, mineral wool is a greener choice. You should lay this insulation to a depth of 270mm for optimal results

• Rigid Insulation Board – At roughly the same cost as wool, this form of insulation is another excellent choice. However, in order to ensure a good fit, our estate agents recommend you hire a professional to cut it to size and lay it properly

• Spray Foam Insulation – Spray this onto the target area and it sets in an insulating layer. This is the ideal solution for hard-to-reach areas of a loft space. It is also a cost-effective solution for these difficult areas, as 100mm of spray equates to roughly 170mm of board or foam insulation. However, overall, it is a more expensive form of insulation for homeowners and landlords in Fulham


The majority of properties constructed after the 1930s include a space between two layers of brickwork. This is known as a cavity wall, which professional contractors can fill with insulation. While this is an excellent way to insulate your property, our estate agents urge you to check with a qualified surveyor beforehand. Although cavity wall insulation usually comes with a 25-year guarantee, some properties can suffer from damp issues afterwards.

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